Why color copies printing is important for your business

Why color copies printing is important for your business

If you are running some kind of

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business that involves different marketing materials such as flyers, posters, brochures and similar, color copies are a very important part of the entire process. Thanks to the newest achievements in the technology, it is very easy for most of the companies to get full color copies for their promotional needs.

When we compare full color printing with two color marketing or single color marketing, we can easily come to the conclusion that full color option is a more powerful tool for attracting new clients. If you can add to this creative graphics and interesting content, you are sure

to have a very stellar marketing tool. This is something that will make your clients attention more focused on the brand and product itself.

All of the above mentioned factors will not result in a positive way if the printing part is not done with the highest quality. Thanks to full color printing, it will be much easier for you to create a very effective output after your advertising material has been distributed among your clients. Any type of advertising material will have their efficacy maximized if it is done in full color.

If we take a look at some of the newest studies, we can easily come to the conclusion that people tend to react much better to graphics, text and images that are printed in full color. Apart from that, it is not uncommon that people judge other people and the environment according to color. For this reason, in most of the cases when making specific presentations, it is very common to use colored text and highlights to catch the attention of people much easier. The same is with advertising when creating color copies of flyers, brochures, posters, etc.

Today, it is very common to have multi colored documentation in companies, and more than 50% of important documents are made as color copies – business cards, envelopes, graphic design projects, etc.

Multi color prints can be compared to one color print or black and white print, and for this reason full color printing is preferable. Also, the price between full color and multi color printing is not very different, and when you take into consideration that full color printing can bring you a much higher success rate, it is not a surprise that people will most often opt for this option.

Color copies can be made of just about anything that you need for your office, or for your personal needs, and when printed in full color, these tools will have a much higher value to those who are using it.

When it comes to color copies printing itself, you can opt for digital and offset printing. There is a wide array of printing services that offer different rates, but today it is common that most of the businesses opt for online print companies. These companies offer very low cost services, while putting the quality of the same onto the top. There are even print companies, such as 55printing.com that offer even bigger opportunities to their clients to save, and this time it will be through free ground shippingg on ordered color copies.

Color Copies
Color Copies

You will make your business life much easier and better with the help of color copies. Full color copies printing has a lot of benefits and if you are able to recognize them and to apply them on your business and marketing materials, you can expect a much bigger success on the market. Color copies are able to make a high impression on your potential clients, and the truth is that for this you don´t even need some advertising experience at all.

When to opt for cheap color copies

When to opt for cheap color copies

For any kind of business advertising, there is nothing more efficient than print media. forget about expensive TV or radio commercials or billboards because your clients will react much better on advertising tools that offer direct communication, such as flyers, brochures, postcards, etc. Apart from that, for small businesses that don’t have a very big budget as large businesses do, cheap color copies are the best way to go.

After you decided which print material you will be using in your advertising campaign and after you decided on the budget, you will have different options to choose from regarding the print materials to be used in the campaign.

Cheap color copies have a lot of advantages as long as they are used at the right place and time. You should definitely not forget that being cheap doesn’t mean being bad. With the help of cheap copies you can definitely save a lot of money but only in situations when your advertising material is not something that can be used for second purposes. For example, if we look at calendars that are one way of promoting your business, they will not show any positive result when done in a one color or black and white version.

Cheap color copies can work very well if being printed as flyers that will be distributed at shopping centers and malls. If you are planning to have bulk prints, cheap copies will do just fine. But even this way, everything should be done in the best possible way regarding their design, even knowing that most of these flyers will end up in a trash bin. But engaging design is what will attract the attention of the clients that will most likely generate your business in the future.

With the help of print and print materials, the world of business has become much more approachable to everyone. And when it comes to printing services, it can be done in two ways – offset printing and digital printing.

When looking for cheap color copies, offset printing is what made cheap printing possible. This is especially when we are talking about bulk printing – more copies equals less cost per copy.

You should opt for cheap copies and offset printing in the following situations:

  • Tight budget + bulk printing

As mentioned earlier, bulk copies mean a cheaper price per copy. This type of printing is an excellent choice for advertising materials intended for distribution. So, if you use offset printing to print your brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc you can bring down you budget hugely.

  • Color consistency

Offset printing provides color consistency which means that the result will be the same hue and shade on each print, unlike when used inkjet printing.

  • Cheap and quality printing

Being cheaper than digital printing, offset printing has a lot of other advantages. One of them is the quality of the print, or in other words – the ink on the print doesn’t come off when the paper gets folded.

Cheap color copies can be got at online print companies. There are many of them, so make sure to shop around and compare the prices. But if you really want to save more, then don’t miss out the opportunity that 55printing.com is giving to their clients – free ground shippingg on ordered color copies.

As you can see, cheap color copies printing doesn’t have to be necessarily of a inferior quality. With the help of offset printing, it will be much easier to provide quality to your prints while at the save time maintaining your budget.


Color Copies By Hot Prints USA
Color Copies By Hot Prints USA

Where to get free shipping on color copies

Where to get free ground shippingg on color copies

If you are using already an online print company for your printing needs, then you are already familiar with the inexpensive print services offered by such companies when we compare them with local print stores. Online printers are using a very specific printing process that is called combo running, and this is the reason why they are able to undertake even 10 to 20 jobs at once which makes the price of their services very affordable. Sometimes, these savings can be even up to 80% which is a very good deal.

When choosing some of the online print companies, there are different things that you will have to take into consideration. First of all, the price of their services will depend mostly on your print needs. However, don’t forget that sometimes, even when the print service is low, that the shipping costs can be very high.

Luckily, there are online print companies that offer free ground shippingg on color copies and one of them is 55printing.com. This means a huge save on your budget and what this online printer offers is:

  • A lot of paper options and sizes for your color copies and other print materials
  • A variety of folds available – tri fold, z fold, half fold
  • Free design proof
  • Fast turnaround service – 1 to 3 business days

Free shipping on color copies at this online print company is available only for ground shipping. Apart for color copies, the same promotion is available for black and white copies as well.

Here are some benefits of using the services of online print companies:

  • Low cost of service
  • Convenience in placing an order and tracking its status
  • Multiple coating and paper options
  • Very fast delivery

However, there are people that have the fear of trying out something new when it comes to choosing the services of online printers. If you have recognize yourself in the previous sentence, here are some facts that should convince that using the services of online printers brings a lot of advantages.

  • Quality

There are a lot of online print companies online, so choosing one for your printing needs will not be a problem. Of course, different print companies offer different quality services, so make sue to read the reviews and feedback of the people that previously used their services.

  • Time

In this business world, time is of a great essence. Luckily, there are no problems when it comes to placing an order for your color at some online print companies. The convenient way of using their service allows you to create high quality advertising materials in no time, and with their fats turnaround services and sometimes free ground shippingg on color copies can be very helpful for your budget.

  • Price

Online printing versus local print stores is lays in the favor of online companies. Apart from free ground shippingg on color copies that some stores offer, you will be able to get bulk discounts which will in the end result in a lot of savings, especially when looking in the long run.

Color Copies By Hot Prints USA
Color Copies By Hot Prints USA

Saving money with color copies with free shipping

Saving money with color copies with free ground shippingg

Whenever you are thinking on designing some advertising material, be it a flyer, brochure or any other project, you should definitely think of involving some color into it. Color copies have a great advantage on the market, as they are one of the sources of engaging new clients and presenting your company in the best possible way.

Black and white copies are a thing of past, in most of the situations today. It is very rarely that some businessmen will go through those types of copies. Though, black and white copies are an excellent opportunity for you to save some money, but even like that, when we take into consideration that you can get color copies with free ground shippingg, this is already an excellent solution for sticking within your budget while at the same time getting high quality advertising materials.

When you are planning to attract the attention of potential clients, color copies should come on the first place. Color printing used to be expensive, but today you can run onto many great deals such as for example ordering color copies with free ground shippingg at online print companies. Investing into color copies can pay off very fast, looking in the long run.

Luckily, today there are a lot of places where you can have your color copies done. You can choose local print stores or you can rather opt for online print companies. Once you have the right design and template, the most important thing is to find a reliable printer that will be able to get your job done the way you want it. However, keep on mind that there are some facts that should be taken into consideration when finding the right place to have your color copies done.

  • Past success

Check out whether a certain print company has a successful record in the past, and try to look up for testimonials of previous clients. This is a very important step, as if the print store has a lot of satisfied customers in the past it is more likely that they will do a high quality service for you as well.

  • Deadlines

Before you place your orders for print materials, check out whether they are able to meet your deadlines. It is very important that you find a reliable print company that will be able all your print materials on time, whenever you need them. There is really no use if the job is perfectly done if it is not able to be done on time.

  • Price

This is of course one of the most important factors. So make sure to check out all the details concerning the rate of the services. The prices will vary, and will depend on the volume of the work and other details. Keep on mind also that in the prices it is never included the shipping costs, however there are some print stores such as 55printing.com that offer color copies with free ground shippingg, and this is an opportunity that should definitely not be missed.


Free shipping code on copies can save your budget

Free shipping code on copies can save your budget

Whenever you are in a need of printing services, the best place to look for are online print companies. Here you can make prints of just about anything – color copies, flyers, brochures, business cards, posters, leaflets and similar. However, you will need to make sure that you have found a reliable print store, and here are some things that should be taken into consideration when trying to involve into such business.

Of course, the imperative of one print company will be its history of experience with different clients. Such feedbacks can easily be found online. A print shop with a reliable and strong reputation will be able to deliver high quality services in a record timeframe, and apart from that, they will have very good deals and discounts on their services. One such example is free ground shippingg code on copies, with which you can save hugely on your print orders.

A print store with a good reputation will be able to give you advices on how you should make high quality content and design for your print materials, they will also give you advices on what kind of paper to opt for, size of the paper, and other important details. You should be able to receive all relevant information that you need while at the same time receiving your print material within your time restraints.

It doesn’t mean that using the services of reliable print companies you will have to pay more. On the contrary, you will be able to save even more due to very attractive deals that they make from time to time. For example, a free ground shippingg code on copies is an opportunity definitely worth of seizing. Such promotion is currently being offered by 55printing.com both for color copies and black and white copies on any order.

How to use a free ground shippingg code on copies is quite simple. During your checkout session, don’t forget to include the code in the end of the order, and the shipping cost will be automatically deducted from the final cost of the service. This is a huge deal as we know how shipping costs can be expensive, especially when it comes to bulk orders where the weight of the package is something that affects the final price of shipping.

Using reliable print stores, you will definitely not need to exchange the quality of the service for the price. Remember that your clients will judge your business based on the promotional material they get from you, so you need to make sure that it is done in the way that it actually makes you proud distributing such print materials in your neighborhood or entire city. In the end, print material is the one that will reflect the identity of your business.

The method of using the services of online printers can save you a lot of time and money looking in the long run, especially when you are able to benefit from excellent deals such as free ground shippingg code on copies.


Color Copies
Color Copies

How you can benefit from using a coupon for free shipping on copies

Making color copies is of a huge importance when one is looking to reproduce necessary information either in a form of text or design. today all the companies are using the power of color copies for saving their important documents, and apart from that, copies are also used as a part of marketing campaigns, allowing you to make necessary duplicated of flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, leaflets and similar.

Color printing has a lot of advantages in the world of advertising. Thanks to the achievements in technologies, today you can have your copies done very fast and with the highest quality possible. This can be done with the help of online printers that offer such services to their clients.

Online companies are an excellent choice when you are looking to save some money. Compared to local print stores, online printers offer very fast turnaround time while at the same time not ignoring the quality of the job done. Also, you can benefit a lot from using their services, as some of them, such as 55printing.com offers a coupon for free ground shippingg on copies.

With the advantages offered by using a coupon for free ground shippingg on copies you can easily stay within your budget. Apart from that, this coupon is valid for both color copies and black and white copies and regardless of the volume of prints ordered. This is definitely a good opportunity for bulk copies. So, you can place an order for copies that you will be using through the year and save hugely on shipping costs.

Hotcolorcopies.com offers high quality color copies, a lot of different paper options, different size options, a variety of folds, free design proof and a very fast turnaround time. And what else you need after you get as well a coupon for free ground shippingg on copies.

When choosing an online print company, there are also some things that you will have to take into consideration. First of all, it is the past success of the company. Information about this aspect of business when it comes to online companies can easily be found online. You can check out the feedbacks of previous users and therefore decide whether the print store will be able to deliver quality of work as requested by your needs. Also, make sure to make necessary researches about their price rates, samples of previous works and other important details that will play a very important role in the process of deciding for which online printer you will opt for.

Color Copies
Color Copies

Why you should opt for free shipping copies

There are a lot of marketing materials with which you can successfully promote your company and one of them are copies. Color copies are excellent marketing tools because they are able to put the right message into the right hands – your new clients.

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Copies can be made of just about anything – flyers, brochures, leaflets, postcards, etc. it is up to you to decide which type of promotional material will work the best for your advertising needs.

Color copies, the same as black and white copies are a inexpensive marketing tool and they are very easily distributed among the masses. In most of the situations you will not even require an envelope, but you can put them right in the mailboxes of your potential clients.

Except from all the mentioned facts, you can even get free ground shippingg promotional codes for your free ground shippingg copies and like this save a huge amount of money. Looking in the long run, this can be a really good deal.

Getting free ground shippingg copies is one of the best ways for saving your budget. The money saved on these advertising tools can be used for ordering other kinds of marketing materials. However, you will need to keep on mind that not all free ground shippingg copies can actually save you some money if you don’t know to use these promo codes for maximizing your saves, and here are some tips on how to overcome this:

  • Check the policies of the print company

This is a very important step, as you will be able to learn more about their shipping deals. For example, some print stores will require that you make some minimum orders in order to get free ground shippingg on your prints. From the other side, there are companies that don’t waive handling fees, but either way, you will need to make sure that the promo code is covering your location, no matter where you live. This means that before placing your orders, you will have to make a bit of research in order to discover more about specific terms and conditions of the promo codes.

  • Order in bulk

This is another tip for saving on your free ground shippingg copies. Also, when ordering copies in bulk, you will normally get a discount just by doing that. When we add to that the promotional code for free ground shippingg copies, this becomes an opportunity that should definitely not be missed. Here is one example – you can save more by ordering 1000 copies and getting free ground shippingg, than by ordering just 500 copies and then having to place a new order after the promotional code is not available anymore.

Another thing that you should keep on mind is that expedited shipping normally costs more and in most of the situations is not covered with free ground shippingg. This means that when using the opportunities of free ground shippingg copies, you will have to ensure to order in advance.

Hotcolorcopies.com is offering free ground shippingg copies, and here are the details of their current offer:

  • Free ground shipping for any order for black and white or color copies
  • Free shipping copies only one time per customer
  • Don’t forget to include the promotional code during checkout
Color Copies
Color Copies

Advantages for copies free shipping opportunities

Promotional materials are only one way how you can present your company and your business in front of potential clients. These promotional materials, in most of the cases – color copies, will be the basis for people´s judgment regarding your company. So, it is of a great importance to create advertising material that will be attractive and at the same time impressive.

The better your color copies look, more new clients it will be able to attract. So, investing into such tools is of a great importance especially for the development of one company. Investing into color copies and including them as a part of a marketing campaign can have a lot of benefits for your business.


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can even make custom prints and copies, and make your marketing items even more engaging. Of course, custom printing can be more expensive, but if you are able to find print companies that offer copies free ground shippingg opportunities, you will be able to save a lot, and in the end get unique and good looking advertising material. There are some print companies that offer promotional codes for copies free ground shippingg and this can easily be one of the biggest deals that you could run onto.

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when choosing copies free ground shippingg advantages. First of all, thanks to such opportunities, you will be able to maximize the printing deals and therefore save hugely on your budget.

Before accepting the offers of a print store that gives copies free ground shippingg options, you will need to get familiar with their shipping deals, terms and conditions. For example, some print stores will require a minimum number of copies before being able to benefit from the free ground shippingg opportunities. Also, you will have to check whether a certain print store with such promotional campaign is shipping to your location.

To maximize the deal for copies free ground shippingg, the best thing is to make bulk orders. this means that, when looking in the long run, it is much easier to place an order for 5000 copies, and have them ready for the entire year, than to order 500 by 500. After all, the fact that you will not be paying for the shipping costs will allow you to place bigger orders than usual. And there is one more advantage of placing bulk orders – wider distribution.

Print orders need to be planned in advance. Normally, print stores that offer copies free ground shippingg opportunities, will normally not ship them before 2 to 3 business days after the order has been placed, so if you need your color copies for some specific date, make sure to place the orders sooner.

In the end it is important to note that you can indeed find excellent copies free ground shippingg opportunities, but only if you are a smart promotional code user.

Benefits of color copies with same day printing

Benefits of color copies with same day printing

Popularity of print materials is huge, especially in these modern days where the competition between companies is growing rapidly. Print materials are popular both among commercial users and users on a general scale especially due to the fact that today most of the print materials can be done in a very fast timeframe by a very affordable price rate.

The growths of many companies requires the use of publicity and promotions in a much wider way which in the end results in printing services of very high performance. For this reason it is very important that you use the services of professional and high quality companies that can offer high quality service, good rates and color copies with same day printing.

Color copies with same day printing is an option that today´s modern print company needs to offer. This is actually a need of a modern day commerce, and the services of such print companies have been enhanced with excellent quality printers and machines that offer high quality standards of print materials while at the same time letting the prints be done in a very short period of time.

Color copies can be today made from any type of advertising materials such as envelopes, business cards, flyers, folders, brochures, leaflets, banners, pamphlets, and similar. Using color in such advertising materials is a very important aspect. Color is what will attract the attention of the clients, and make them interested in your business, products and services.

But except for color copies with same day printing, you can as well choose the option of next day printing. Of course, same day printing will have a much higher rate, due to its urgency. However, if you are not in a hurry, next day printing can be the perfect way of saving some money. Not to mention the regular 1 to 3 day print timeframe which is much cheaper than the same day printing.

Color copies with same day printing are definitely a necessity for last minute events, promotional campaigns or other business needs. This involves printing of any marketing material even as a bulk order, however it has to be done by a print company that is engaged in same day printing service. Such print store will have to assure the quality of their service, as well as the completion of the assignment and its delivery. Also, some printers that offer color copies with same day printing also offer a refund in case that they fail to deliver their service. In most of the situations, such print stores are always successful in their services and deliveries and never fail on their clients.

Most of the online print companies are equipped with the latest printers, can work with bulk orders and can deliver color copies with same day printing.